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Our comment for the magazine "The Secret of the Firm"

What if the employee has applied to the labor inspectorate?
Labor law and the judicial system in most cases are on the side of the employee. So, if the labor conflict is maturing, it is always cheaper to negotiate with an employee than to "fight". If he goes to court, with a high probability, his employer will lose. Most often, the tricks of the employees are connected with sick leaves. For example, the sales manager does not put the immediate manager to the knowledge that for two days he has opened a sheet of incapacity for work. Having received the notice of dismissal, after the end of the illness, he goes to court and, of course, wins, as he is fired during the temporary incapacity for work.


Phone in Moscow
8 (495) 660-38-44
Free calls over Russia
8 (800) 500-73-52
Kievskoye Highway, 1